Car Parking Shades

Enhance Appearance, Protect Inventory and Lower Insurance Premiums​

We are all aware of the damage sun can do to our automobiles and how heat trapped in our vehicle can be deadly within minutes. A ShadePro Permanent Shade Structure can eliminate these concerns immediately reducing the temperature in the vehicle by as much as 20%, which can mean 80-degrees instead of 100-degree temperatures in your vehicle. By reducing the temperature the air conditioner will work more efficiently providing cool air in seconds. This can really make a difference to a potential new or used buyer on a hot summer day. 


​ShadePro parking lot shade structures can protect your vehicle from hail, as the knitted shade cloth is a hail resistant roofing material for carports and parking structures performing like a cushion absorbing the energy and force of hailstones. The shade sail material is made of a knitted fabric with elastic material properties creating an awning fabric with bursting pressure of 457psi and a bursting force of 432lbf. 
Canopies can be the critical difference for older buildings and complexes that are losing tenants to newer facilities with covered parking, as most municipalities are now requiring so many covered parking space