Car Wash Shades

ShadePro Car Wash Shade Structures Improve Your Car Wash Business

When starting or improving your car wash business, ShadePro Permanent Shade Structures has the experience to offer beauty, functionality, and durability in shade structure designs for your car wash business. Create curb appeal to attract more customers with shade sails over open wash bays for a dramatic appearance over the traditional metal roofing options. Unique shade structure designs make your car wash business stand out above the competition. Shade structures increase customer awareness of your business and brand recognition of your car wash with style and color. 


ShadePro Permanent Shade Structures are known to increase revenue in car washes. Shade canopies save money by protecting and extending the life of car wash equipment. A shade structure is a wise choice as the structures are maintenance free with a powder-coated finish. ShadePro Permanent Shade Structures, shade sails, carwash vacuum canopies, vending awnings and carports can be incorporated into your business, offering protection from UV deterioration. In addition, the ShadePro Permanent Shade Structures steel columns can be positioned as bollards to offer protection for car wash equipment.